Blue Razz Fizz Thick Snow Fizz Slime
Blue Razz Fizz Thick Snow Fizz Slime

Blue Razz Fizz Thick Snow Fizz Slime

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One of Slime Pride UK’s latest snow fizz slimes, this Blue Razz Fizz thick snow fizz slime is proving extremely popular.  Manufactured in-house by our dedicated team this fun kids slime is a glossy opaque base slime, which has been coloured with striking blue, featuring fine glitters and fake plastic snow to add a unique texture.  This slime is stretchy and makes great bubble pops when kneaded.  The Blue Razz Fizz Slime by Slime Pride UK is scented with blue raspberry and is made to order, unless stock is readily available.

PLEASE NOTE: The container pictured may not be the container that you will receive your slime in.  We use a variety of quality containers which are different shapes, depending on the size option chosen.  Image(s) shown are for illustration purposes only.

This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old.  This product is not edible.  Once your order has been received, it cannot be returned/refunded or exchanged if the seal is broken.  This does not affect your Statutory Rights.

All slime orders come with a 10ml bottle of Slime Pride UK activator, and extras.

*Please allow your slime to sit unopened in the container to return to room temperature if it is too cold or too hot when it arrives.

*Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, each time, BEFORE opening the slime container.  This will prolong the life of the slime.  If you handle the slime with dirty hands, the slime will become contaminated.  It is also extremely important to thoroughly clean any surface, counter etc, which the slime touches; before and after use.  Slime will pick up any dirt, residue, hair, etc if surface is left unclean before use.

*By purchasing this slime, buyer accepts full responsibility for activator he/she adds to this slime and understands that Slime is not meant to last forever.  You can prolong the life of your slime by keeping hands and surfaces very clean before playing with your slime and storing your slime in its original airtight container when not in use.

*Please do not purchase slime from the Slime Pride UK online store if you have allergies or sensitivities to lotions, soaps, non-toxic glues/ paints, dyes, etc.

*Most slimes will arrive sticky or liquid after their long journey to you.  Please be prepared to activate the slime when it arrives, as per the instructions included in the extras package.  Too much activator will turn the slime hard very quickly, which is why we recommend you carefully add the activator by adding a few drops at a time.

*If your slime arrives stiff, due to weather or circumstances beyond our control, please allow the slime to return to room temperature.  If the slime is still stiff, please warm slightly in the microwave then knead in some lotion; as this will soften the slime back to its perfect consistency.